Summer Workshop - Italy




In 2022 again, the workshop will take place in Pistoia, a charming small city of Tuscany, that offers a beautiful and lively historical centre. The Cathedral square, the market square and the shops are all reachable on foot (or by shuttle bus) from the hotel that will host our artistic residence.

Equipped with comfortable bedrooms, bright meeting rooms, a large swimming pool and a restaurant with a terrace to have dinner "al fresco", the Villa Cappugi**** hotel will be an ideal place to rehearse for the musicians, and an excellent basis  to explore Tuscany for their relatives. Easily accessible by car or train, Pistoia is located 40km from Florence and Lucca, 60km from the seaside and from Pisa. Florence and Pisa are the closest international airports.

The workshop consists of rehearsals every morning and in the late afternoon, while early afternoons are dedicated to rest or relax by the pool. One afternoon in the middle of the week is left free for excursions.

The workshop will conclude with one concert in the area.

This year we will welcome a new conductor: M° Francesco Grassini was born in Siena where he first studied the trombone, but he is now conducting several orchestras and managing two music schools in Geneva: as always, the orchestral work will be divided between tutti rehearsals conducted by M° Grassini and sectional rehearsals supported by a team of professional musicians for the various sections of the orchestra.

Workshop duration: 6 days (starting Tues Aug 2nd in the end afternoon, and ending Mon Aug 8th after breakfast).

Orchestra dimension: symphonic

Programme: to be released soon!  


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