Musicando Academy

Amateur musicians are essential for the diffusion of music in the society, and we are convinced that promoting amateur music actually helps improve the level of professional musicians. The Musicando Academy was born with this fundamental both-way link in mind, in order to share our common passion and bring our musical skills to non-professional musicians of all levels and ages.

We offer short sessions - between 4 and 7 days - of full immersion intensive work divided between tutti and sectional rehearsals, supported by professional coaches. These help resolve possible musical or technical problems and teach the art of playing in orchestra, where listening to and cooperating with the other musicians is essential to reach a shared musical achievement. These sessions end up with one or several concerts where we publicly present the results of our work.

These workshops are different but complementary to a weekly participation in an amateur orchestra, since they are structured in full-day sessions with professional coaches and because they offer the opportunity to meet musicians from other regions or countries and to freely play chamber music between the orchestral rehearsals. Taking part in our workshops means dedicating a few days of your time exclusively to the pleasure of music.

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